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" Design is the letters sent by angels up above the sky.
We offer them to you as a gift with our abilities and hardwork.
Just to bring more happiness to your life "
Şafak ÇAK

Thank god the "meeting" demands to our company have significantly increased recently. Actually we can't respond positively to all meeting requests, so some of them don't forget and write it a side and after a while with sympathic expressions and critics they add reputation to our current reputation :) Although this medium might not be the perfect platform for getting to know each other, as a matter of fact it is gonna be like "single-sided" acquitence, still we will do our best to introduce ourselves.

 After the “Second World” war my father has escaped from Skopje, Macedonia and moved to Istanbul, Turkey. He started to work as a carpenter at their family owned handcrafted furniture atelier in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. It was the year 1965 when he designed the first pull sofa(couch bed)  which then became the most popular and traditional furniture in all of our grandparents homes with radio's placed on top and cupboards located on the sides. As the second generation, my primary  mission was to become more cooperate. In year 2000 Safak Cak Interior and Architecture Company was established and started to have interior design projects in Turkey.  After the year 2008 the company became an international company with recognisable projects all around the world. This international recognition  came from the projects which began with Paris Hilton and continued with JLo and keep expanding with Sting who loved the “Turkish Marbles”  which we used in NYC Walker Tower building renovation (Walker Tower was built in 1931 and used as the New York's prior post office building) and bought a penthouse and asked us to design and apply all the wall floor, ceiling coverings of the penthouse. Afterwards Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundschen, Naomi Campbell have bought flats from the same building . Actually it won't be wrong to say we have a design touch in all these celebrity houses.  In 2012 besides interior design  Safak Cak  has started to do exterior design for buildings as well. This idea came from Philippe Starck, who Safak Cak has always saw as his life mentor, a great yet very humble friend. He motivated him for using the awareness of being known as “JLO's  Designer” title for his projects. Safak  has designed various projects in Turkey and abroad with this reputation.. He has been on the cover of Germany's  “Stern Magazine” with a head line "Turbo Turks" and he had a full page interview on “NY Times”.  He periodically contributes to Vanity Fair magazine in terms of interior design and decoration. After reaching the age of 40, Safak Cak started to give free  talks na d conferences in universities and highschools  all around Turkey. He shares his 15 years of experience with up's and down's, achivements and failures, the stages he passed from apprentice ship to mastership in this business. His aim is motivate, inspire and give courage to young population.


Let us share the formulas for achiving "happiness" in the work we are doing;

We never act upon the size of the budget.

We gave the same value to all our customers who asks us to design a single coffee table or an entire house.

We never ask our employees to be strict on working hours instead we ask them to finalize their projects on time and completed.

We prefer to earn "hearts" rather then "money".

We never perceive our work as commision agents.

Even we become broke we will never do the work which we don't like.

We never work with people who don't listen to us, we never let anyone to be disrespectful to our work.

We can never act nice and rock and roll just for money.

We never feel humiliated to go to the customer.

We never do anything other then we commited , we don't get involved in any irrelevant business.

We don't give a start to any business which we don't feel any passion.

We don't let anyone to judge our honesty and authenticity.

We are always at the back of the work we have done  and the promise we gave even thogh the years pass.

We never back up someone.

We never  feel ashamed from the work we have done and never do a work we will feel ashamed.

We don't blame others for work we always question ourselves.

We never believe working in amateur spirit we belive in professionality.

We don't ever forget that we are using somebody else's money.

We are never afraid of being brave, raise  ideas and show objection.

We never underestimate and forget the value and importance of our customers who lead us to sucess in the past years.

It's such a "happiness" for us…